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Mid-morning, January 22 2012.
We all paddled out on our boards as a Hawaiian tradition in memory of my old friend Chaz.
It's sad to hear when some one had died.
It's disappointing when you hear that they shot themselves in the head.
And it's pathetic when you hear, it was and accident while they were high.
Chaz was 17 years old, he was hanging out with a bunch of friends, and he had a gun in his hand, his girlfriend was scared and said he would hurt somebody, he said it was unloaded, so to prove it he put it up to his head and pulled the trigger. Chaz died and instantly, because he was to high to notice that the gun was still loaded.
I have now lost 4 friends to something as simple as pot, never once have I even considered picking up a joint, bottle, pipe or needle, even though it was all around me when I was around my old friends at the beach.

This is not about Chaz, but about people missing their freedom years because their were to fucked up to even notice.

When I see an adult doing drugs I feel that its too late to even try, because it is obvious that they couldn't realize it sooner, when they had the chance. If you are doing drugs or drinking any alcohol at a young age I hope that you can wake up when you read this and talk to me if you want, but if you message me about how you "like it anyways and don't give shit what anyone says", what makes you think that I'd give a shit about a piss ant like you, I care about the people who LISTEN and under stand my message, if you don't, your not worth my time, let alone anybody's time.
When someone has to explain how their kid died, it's hard, and even worse, when they have to say it's because they were being a dumb fuck.
When anyone says that they have reason for shit like this because their depressed or their life is unfair, slap them, because its just and excuse. And if they say that they do it just for the hell of it or to feel good, kick them in the teeth. Do you want to know how people survive shit in life? They deal with it. They don't just run away from it by getting high or drunk, they deal with it. And it makes them strong.
Every morning I wake up and I can see the sun, the real sun passed it's name and I can see the world for how beautiful it is every fucking day, because in not disoriented, and because I don't need any drug to enhance that. People say "It'll make you feel good" but I feel good right now, "It'll make you feel better". I wouldn't feel better being a piece of shit like you. The point is I feel great, with who I am. Every breath I take I have no regrets.
When you die young you miss to much and your stupid recklessness leaves people who needed you behind, and when people on the news hear about you you'll be another stupid kid that died on their own behalf, and everyone will forget you within a week.
These is our innocence years, when we see everything so clear when we don't need and drugs or alcohol, we don't need them, we don't need them! You think your a bad ass you think your rebelling, to some that maybe, but when you get over 21, have you noticed how it doesn't seem as defiant. When you see a 30 year old doing pot it doesn't make them look like a bad ass it makes them look like a lazy piece of shit.
Live every day like it's the last, that doesn't mean to draw it closer by doing drugs and and acting like a dumb shit. It means to do what you love with no one to stop you.

The reason I don't need drugs is because I'm not afraid to be alone, because I've found what I love. And that's the ocean, find what you love.

I don't need any of that because I love.
I hate.
And because I live.
I live, seeing the world so clear.
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your a goddamn happy person Lauren. your beliefs are strong, and you don't give half a horses shit about the fuck faces out there and that's why your my best friend. don't ever change that.
LoLo-0 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2012
Love you too Ginger
LoLo-0 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2012
Ha. Thanks Melissalove!
anytime half-asian o 3o
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